Run Away
Through the different parts of the “City sky” (Hong Kong 18 districts) as a kite shape. The contradiction between the city and the kite will pull together, this precisely shows the state of coexistence of civilization and nature are standing off oppositely. These kites are loaded with problems we are facing in our lives , demands, hope and dreams , through “ kite flying ” in the form of flying in the air, like a detached, a kind of liberation , a conception of returning to nature. But also a metaphor for the kite on military reconnaissance, communications and liaison , rescue , help use. It also reflects on urban development, communication and longing for nature and international .Through this work, it is presenting the existing social carcass and hoping to be looking more in line for people-oriented rather than economic efficiency-oriented urban development.

作品透過從香港各區捕捉的「城市天空」作為風箏的形狀。把城市與風箏矛盾地拉在一起,這共存的狀態正正是文明與自然的對立。風箏盛載著我們生活的一些問題、訴求、希望或夢想, 透過「放風箏」的形式,表現出抽離、解放、回歸自然的意境,同時亦借喻風箏在軍事上用於偵察、通信聯絡、救生、求援的用途,以反思城市發展、與國際間的溝通及對大自然的嚮往。藉著作品透過脫離現有的社會框架,尋找更能配合以人為本而非以經濟效益為本的單一化城市發展。